Monday, May 14, 2007

The Garden Island - South Coast

After awaking to a flock of crowing roosters, we realized that there was still a few hours until anyone in their right mind would be up and about. So, we sat around, read and had a lazing morning. Except for Danielle who made us all look bad and went for a run. I had a good excuse, I left my running shoes at home :)

At about 8:30 am we were ready to head out, the sun was out after an early morning rain. We headed straight for the beach in Poipu. The beach was great, Justin and I went snorkeling and then after about an hour and a half we needed a break from the sun! We went for lunch and then back to the suite to escape the mid-day sun.

In the late afternoon, we ventured out for a walk along the coast from Shipwreck Beach. About a mile in there were signs saying the trail was washed out so we had to turn back :(

The next morning, after once again rising at dawn ( a trend that lasted the whole vacation) we set out on a test hike for the "BIG hike" to come. We drove up to the top of the Waimea Canyon, and decided to hike down 2000ft into the canyon. The sun was hot and we were just dripping with sweat, but the views were amazing, interrupted occasionally by helicopters.

After a couple hours of hiking down, we arrived at the bottom of the canyon. We cooled ourselves in the river and sat down for some bagels and peanut butter. I personally was dreading the hike back up, but with great luck sky clouded over and it started to drizzle making the hike back up much more enjoyable. We arrived at the top in less time than it took us to hike down.

After the hike, we grabbed an ice cream at Lappert's and then headed to Kekeha beach. I would say that it was one of my favourite beaches, but I somehow managed to stub my little toe so hard that I required some medical attention ( Justin rushed back to the store and grabbed some band aids! )


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